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  • Blaise Timco is very helpful. The content is extremely on point. You are able to take the exams from your own computer and not having to go somewhere and get the results notarized. You study the course at your own pace and then take as many practice tests as necessary. I took at least 20 practice tests but when I went to the center to take my exam I passed both state and national on the first try. Again, Blaise will guide you every step of the way if you need help or with any questions you may have. I strongly recommend using School Estate.
    By joe caballero, February 05, 2019
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    This company does not want to pay to maintain their vehicles. Vendors beware
    By Habib Al-Jazeera, August 28, 2018
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    RENTERS BEWARE & AVOID BROTHERS! We owned a rental property in Waco where our sons & other Baylor students lived. When we sold the property in January 2018, our settlement included a 5 month rent-back until mid-June and the buyer hired Brothers Management to manage the property. We paid a $1,600 security deposit and signed a basic rental contract which included: “You should meet with our representatives for a move-out inspection” and “We’ll mail you your security-deposit refund (less lawful deductions) and an itemized accounting of any deductions, no later than 30 days”. Brothers breached both of those parts of the contract! When Brothers assumed management of our house, we were never given a walk-through so the condition of the house was based on the items we noted at closing. The house was in good condition and consistent with its age, but it had not been painted since it had been built. It needed a full interior painting, but we were never able to have a conversation with Brothers to find out if they planned to paint it – and we sure didn’t want to be stuck with the bill! Six weeks before the end of our lease, we contacted Rachel at Brothers to schedule the move-out inspection. She told us, “We don’t do that.” Seriously, when the contract specifies one? When we pushed further, she said we would have to contact Sandra. Sandra would not talk to us by telephone, saying she only communicated by email. We sent her and Rachel weekly emails requesting a move-out inspection. We received NO response whatsoever, so we went over the top cleaning and painting to ensure we would get our full security deposit back. After 30-days following the end of our lease, the security deposit had not been sent ACH to our bank account (the method Brothers had recommended). I called Brothers and at last was able to get through to Sandra. She said there is only one person in the office who can initiate ACH transfers and they had left early on our 30th day. Sandra did have the check overnighted to us and we received it, but the payment was not initiated until after 30 days had expired. I also expressed my frustration about the missed opportunity for a move-out inspection. She said they would have given us one when we turned in the keys if someone was available, but no one had ever told us that was an option and there is no excuse for ignoring our emails. During the 5 month lease-back, Brothers NEVER once contacted the students living there before they showed the property or workmen came over. Several times, they were woken up early by lawn mowers outside their window and once by a workman powerwashing the outside. All in all, we had a horrible experience with Brothers and their irresponsible antics. If this is how they treat Baylor parents, I shutter to think how they treat vulnerable students! A few years ago, our very neat & organized daughter-in-law rented a property managed by Brothers. She scrubbed the apartment for 3 days, yet they withheld $200 from her security deposit and she had no recourse. I find it noteworthy that Brothers Management has disabled the “Review” tab on their Facebook page. Their reviews on BBB, Yelp, Google, etc. are overwhelmingly negative. Not only do they have terrible customer service and lack of responsiveness, they violated our rental contract!
    By Jean Visy, August 15, 2018

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