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    I took out a typically one-sided pro-landlord commercial shopping center lease with North Rock several years ago -- a dreadful mistake. I paid my rent according to the terms of the lease. In return, North Rock flaunted and violated its end of the deal. These people will take and demand your money without delivering even a minimal level of service. When they got around to fixing maintenance problems, they would invariably do a shoddy, inadequate job. During the time I leased from North Rock, the center my business was in was constantly filthy, the parking lot was pocked with wicked potholes, noxious weeds grew high in the parking lot islands and exterior lights necessary for security were often burned out without being replaced for months at a time. They were frequently cited by the local government for such infractions, but it made no difference. Headquartered in Northern Illinois, North Rock has no interest in responsibility or being a good neighbor to our community. The sewage system on my space frequently backed up. The system required a major structural repair that North Rock refused to adequately fix. Time and again, my staff and I were forced to clean up human excrement because North Rock never provided a commercial cleaner. They corruptly pocketed CAM payments without providing anything close to the minimal level of service. Moreover, each year, they would bill me for CAM overages -- thousands of dollars -- without providing verified documentation or an explanation of the services were actually delivered. Most of the time, they were not. Bottom line: North Rock charged me for their inability to plan, budget and efficiently manage the center. Beyond this, I was charged a hefty monthly management fee, yet the "manager" never stepped foot in the center during the five years I rented from them. Finally, the head of this business is a rude, vicious and angry bully, treating tenants with abject anger and contempt. Avoid leasing from North Rock as all costs.
    By Marcus Smith, March 12, 2020
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    These agents don't do their job. Won't even bother to help a 15 year customer. I've never had an accident in those 15 years and now that I get hit they won't help me. Telling me why do I wanna call my insurance for? What the hell to you think? I'm getting other insurance period. I had to call my insurance directly because these useless agents wouldn't.
    By alejandro correa, March 28, 2018
  • My son has been with Learning Nook for less than 3 months and he has already made so much progress. He made friends and is talking now! The teachers, staff and even the owner takes time to answer questions and work with kids and their family. We feel like a part of the "family". He has also trimmed down, has more energy and is making healthy food choices at home when given choices. My husband and I are very pleased with the Learning Nook and very glad we made this choice for our loved one. Thank you Learning Nook for all you have done for our son.
    By Florence Holmes, March 28, 2018

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