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    My experience with this lawyer's office has been horrible!!!! Attonery Batts is my brother's lawyer not mine I was have been fired him and demanded my money back. He told my brother my brother that myself and his girlfriend needed to be at court if not he would subpoena us both to be there this was Feb13, 2017. Myself and my brother's girlfriend took off of work and made sure we were in court on time as requested. Attonery Batts didn't even show up at all. Myself and my brother called his office all day leaving messages for him to call us back. We were told that he had another court case in superior court in another city but he would come right after he got out. The judge said he would wait for him to show up. After sitting in court all day listening to everybody else case there was still no sign of this Attonery Batts no phone call from him or anything. So we had to leave without even being heard. Today Feb 20, 17 a whole week later I still have not heard from this man. I called his office today and spoke with what sounded like a girl to me by the name of Ariley that had poor customer service. I doubt if this man will ever call me back but I took the time out to write all of this just to let you know my experience with this office their piss poor scheduling and poor customer service has been very disappointing to me. This is not how you should conduct business with anybody either you perform to the fullest of your ability or you drop the case, this is not acceptable. I would give him zero stars if that was an option.
    By Arica Joseph, March 28, 2018
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    Agents are friendly and great people, home office are rude amd profane. Snake oil. Dont buy it. They will lie to you. They will brake laws. They will refuse service after payment. Horrible company. At this time thier BBB on google rating is one star as terrible. The office people are like sirens luring ships in to sink.
    By GS Auto, March 27, 2018
  • Great staff working here and if any happens to happen in the apartment someone is there asap, pet friendly, and the pool they have is always clean. And the area of the complex I live in is aways quite as can be my favorite part tho is the cook out area.
    By David Canter, March 27, 2018

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