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  • Have been working with them over 25 years. Everything has always been positive, even in bad years. Very pleased with our results. Paul has stayed on top of things and stayed in touch.
    By Roger Gatewood, August 15, 2018
  • I love this place so far! I'm new to krav, and new to this place, and everyone is attentive. Effie is awesome, and takes the time to explain things to me, even when I ask him twice. It's a great mix of males and females, most in their 20's and 30's, and all are excited and want to learn. The more "senior" students who have been there a while are willing to help you, and explain movements to you. It's a good workout, and teaches good skills to have when wanting to defend yourself. I'm excited to develop my skills and work my way up to through the levels. I was afraid of trying because I'm a petite female, and didn't want to be "roughed up" or "gently managed" by larger guys, but it's not been the case for me. I haven't had issues with people either being too rough, or not tough enough. It's a great place to go to, and I'm glad I chose this place over others. I signed up for another institution a year ago, and ultimately decided they were not the fit for me, but KravWorks is exactly what I need--a friendly learning environment at such reasonable cost. They also give a discount to students or federal employees of 10%, which is such a nice little perk.
    By Rania Hanna, March 28, 2018
  • Hello my name is Joyce Arrington and I resently schedule a showing at a property from Patti roberstson and she was on time, she walk me thu the property and gave great details and answered all of my questions and she is a very sweet person i will recommend her to anybody anytime!!!!!
    By Marlenea Mckinley, March 28, 2018

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