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    The management for 9&9 is the worst I have ever come in contact with. The location of this apartment complex was great, but other than that (and the ward), I had a terrible experience living here. They charged me $300 for a security deposit at the beginning of my contract, only guaranteeing I would get $150 back when my contract was up. However, at the end of Winter semester, they claimed they changed utilities companies (without notifying us residents) and didn't have record anymore of who paid what for utilities. So they decided to take out $60 out of everyone's check ($30/month), so I only got $90 back. Which was extremely frustrating, especially because that other $150 I paid at the beginning of the semester was used for who knows what. And even getting that check for $90 was an absolute joke, because they lied several times to me over the phone telling me the check was in the mail and I should be getting it soon, only to find out that they still were holding it in their office. With that being said, I didn't get the check until about 3 months after I moved out for the summer. Additionally, they charged an insane amount for parking every single month, and as mentioned in other reviews, the guest parking was practically nonexistent. Please DO NOT rent from this management company. There are several reasons why this place is not BYU approved--HUGE red flag right there. I ignored these terrible ratings and moved in anyway, and now I regret it more than anything. It caused so much frustration and wasn't worth it.
    By Anonymous, August 10, 2018
  • I have known Brenda for many years. The business I have done with her over many years I have always been treated very well. Her loyalty to her customers is extremely satisfying. She is a great mixture of caring for you both professional and person. I HIGHLY recommend her and her business to accommodate all of your needs.
    By kerri cupp, March 28, 2018
  • I would recommend Altura to anyone looking for insurance. We were just looking for personal health and life insurance for our family since we are self-employed. Amy went above and beyond our expectations outlining plans very thoroughly, even breaking it down to what works best in different situations. We probably asked her hundreds of questions, and she answered every single one, and very timely I might add. She was extremely sensitive to budget and medical needs. We felt very well taken care of by Altura, as if they were a close friend or family member helping us out. Also, in case you might not know, customers don't need to pay a broker for their services. They are paid by the insurance companies to help their customers. So I definitely recommend everyone to take advantage of this wonderful service they offer.
    By Shirlene Van Rij, March 28, 2018

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