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  • Great attorney! I needed a defense attorney and WHIRL was recommended to me by a coworker. I found out early on that he doesn't play around and waste time he fights hard to win his cases.
    By Justine, July 03, 2020
  • My family and I moved to Ellison on Broad three weeks ago and the experience has been nothing but Phenomenal. We had the pleasure of working with Melissa she was very knowledgeable, responsive, professional and patient. We leased our apartment home sight unseen. Because she was warm, friendly and understanding of our situation she made this entire process seamless. I can truly say this is the best decision we could have made. Ellison has the BEST Staff, Amenities and Apartments in downtown Greenville.
    By Phd P, March 28, 2018
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    This place has been through several management changes; you'd think something would get better? When my husband and I first moved in here spring of '15 the office staff was amazing and maintenance was only so-so in fixing things because it was clear that they were over worked for the few that there were. Seen a few bugs but this is the south and I've come to expect it.. especially when it rains! With each management change rent has gone up. These apartments are old and the lack of proper maintenance SO NOT worth it. Second year and another management change.. signed a new lease for a different apartment because first was too close to Ashley Phosphate. We're more towards the back now and across from a slum neighborhood. The walls are VERY thin and our neighbors have loud unruly kids that love to run up and down the stairs or simply yell.. and we hear them perfectly throughout the apartment no matter upstairs or down! You'd think just changing apartments would be easy.. nope. This was a stressful move because they expected us to have everything moved in one day and only gave us 2 day notice on exactly where we'd be moved to, expecting us to sign the new lease! Like a fool we did and the new place was NOT move in ready. It took them weeks to fix a leak at the bottom of a sink and while there's plenty more that I listed upon move in.. a lot still has not gotten done. Maintenance guy Darryl was super nice and apologetic stating that they're understaffed for the workload but aren't allowed to hire any help. It's new management AND new maintenance now. There's still issues with this place from move in but there's been a lot of landscaping done.. a warning would've been nice that they were tearing up and redoing the walkway. The crew started late and worked through the evening which was really annoying hearing the hammering and later on scraping to smooth out the concrete. I don't like receiving packages now because it takes 2 trips and/or a phone call to the office in order to ensure I have everything. First time I had a few and later realized there should've been one more so I sent my husband to get it. Second time I knew how many were supposed to be there and he even asked the office staff to double check when he found one missing. When he returned I checked the mail slip and then called the office asking them to check once more. When she found it she said to come get it. Clearly some of the new staff can't be bothered to thoroughly check the mail room or simply double check. Maybe things will get better but I'm not giving a 3rd year here.
    By Kim K, March 28, 2018

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