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    Run don't walk away from ACT 1/ Boardwalk properties. They are part of a larger company that is nothing but scam artists and slumlords. Act 1 is a subsidiary of Parkplace homes in the same building Parkplace operates its home office. Act 1 rents the nastiest of decrepit and roach infested trailers Parkplace cannot sell. Marvin Gardens is just one example of the properties managed by ACT 1 and Parkplace Homes or as its often referred by many London locals as the circle of hell. The reason for writing this review is to bring light to this company that is preying upon the less fortunate especially during the pandemic. Recently as tenant of ACT 1 I was given a notice as well as 30 other people in the trailer park today that the park will be proceeding with eviction if our accounts were not brought up to balance. I cannot speak for the other 29 people given this same notice but I have paid my rent every month via their APP since April and It appears that either the APP is malfunctioning to notify them of receiving my mobil rent payment and Im only just now hearing they have not received my few months rent OR the more likely situation is that someone in the already shady company is pocketing rent from customers that is being made via mobil application and never being turned in. As someone who can barely afford rent I cannot afford a lawyer to help fight for me but I am encouraging you to STAY AWAY from this company at all cost before you also end up a victim on their bad business practices and end up without a home. This company is a wreck and so are their homes.
    By andrew, July 28, 2020
  • They are family owned and operated they are out my way that's not why I gave you the 5 but they do very well for who for when they starting everything they've made their own little business and make sure that we're happy and they're happy and they have just about anything you can think of if they don't have it they will order for you that's why I had to give him a five they always make a customer satisfaction happy as the best bologna sandwich I've ever ate my life and all the deli meats premium in some of the best I've had in don't know where to get it so I give this a 5-star rating
    By Ally Howard, March 27, 2018
  • 2 of my children have attended Audubon Elementary. They are grown. Now my granddaughter goes to Audubon Elementary. We have always had great experiences with the teachers and other staff members. My son has ADHD as was on an individual education program, IEP. Everyone was so kind and willing to help. My daughter, thay HATED school, loved when we moved from Deer Park to Audubon's district. Deer Park was an exvellent school as well.
    By Michele McHenry, March 27, 2018

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