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  • Awesome customer service and finds you quotes for the best rates! They saved me an arm and a leg!
    By Leona, May 06, 2020
  • From beginning to end, this is a fabulous house and we had a wonderful vacation. The Bell's are charming and helpful. The house is gorgeous and filled with literally everything you can want. I can't stress enough how unstressful this vacation was. The house is very clean, very roomy (to say the least) and you never have to leave if you don't wish to! So many things to do - or NOT do - just sitting in front of the fireplaces or the windows or at the kitchen counter talking to relax. Although the easy walk down the path to town is incredible! The town is amazing with much to see and do. Breckenridge skiing is a mile down the street and many other ski resorts are so close. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this lovely home for an incredible vacation.
    By Laurie Wertalik, December 04, 2019
  • ☆ ☆ ☆
    Week one ISAIAH SIGG-BROWN Setting 1. What is/are the main setting(s)? School, hospital, flat, battle school pg.2 2. How do the characters respond to the primary setting? Battle School, they are scared and sad because they’ve been taken away from their family and are now in space pg 47 3. What is the most at home setting for the protagonist? What is it about that place that makes it home? The flat, Because that's where he was raised pg 11 4. How is the setting creating mood, or an overall feeling or emotion in the story? It creates happiness when he's on earth because his family is there, but he is sad when he gets to space because he misses his family pg. 11-pg.47 5.What are you learning about this specific time and place, or history, or society from this setting? It's in a futuristic time, the earth has to learn how to defend itself against alien invasion (no page number, throughout entire book)
    By pen island, March 28, 2018

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