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    Week one ISAIAH SIGG-BROWN Setting 1. What is/are the main setting(s)? School, hospital, flat, battle school pg.2 2. How do the characters respond to the primary setting? Battle School, they are scared and sad because they’ve been taken away from their family and are now in space pg 47 3. What is the most at home setting for the protagonist? What is it about that place that makes it home? The flat, Because that's where he was raised pg 11 4. How is the setting creating mood, or an overall feeling or emotion in the story? It creates happiness when he's on earth because his family is there, but he is sad when he gets to space because he misses his family pg. 11-pg.47 5.What are you learning about this specific time and place, or history, or society from this setting? It's in a futuristic time, the earth has to learn how to defend itself against alien invasion (no page number, throughout entire book)
    By pen island, March 28, 2018
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    In an effort to be as honest & clear as possible I am re-writing this review as thorough as possible as to not be inaccurate. My fiancee' was working with this company and was very happy with her agent and the cost. I was told her agent was an original owner and was getting out of the business. It was suggested I contact them to get a quote on my homeowners insurance and truck insurance to compare to USAA whom I was very happy with. Upon initial contact the front office lady was spectacular, gave a very good first impression and was very helpful. Once in contact with a woman I believe was named "Jasmine" it all went sideways. I don't recall the exact number of times we made contact & I don't recall all discussions. I do recall my fiancee' asking me every few days if I had heard back on the insurance, to which I laughingly replied. "No, why would I." Eventually she was fed up, reached out to the agency and asked if I could get the contact back. Throughout this period I was promised return calls and estimates, none of which came to fruition. If memory serves when I finally did get a number it was higher than USAA making the whole awful process a complete waste of time. When it came time to combine households my fiancee' was dead set on staying with this well below average agency. I resisted, but the pricing from USAA deterred her and gave me no argument. Our agreement was I wanted nothing to do with this. At the time I recall she had her own issues with the "Jasmine" contact and eventually made her way to her original agent who I was told is partially retired. Life went on, all was well and we received a letter from Auto Owners Insurance noting our policy would be transitioned to Actual Cash Value, or ACV. She asked me if I cared to which I responded absolutely. The only reason to carry homeowners insurance on a CO home with no mortgage is for the roof. An ACV policy makes the payments useless. I was then told (second hand) she contacted the agency and was told all providers do this at a certain year limit on the roof, but they would look into it. I also looked into USAA who again was much more expensive. Not knowing the exact timeframe she waited for a return contact on the quote, but it took far too long and she had to find another agency. We also found out during the review process that Safeco was cheaper than Auto Owners which we could have been on the whole time. I'll give the benefit of a doubt and say maybe each agency is different and Auto Owners was cheaper through CIP than Safeco was, but with our new agency this was also the case. It's also possible they make more off an Auto Owners policy or the guy running numbers didn't check properly. Needless to say after all the headache we switched. We also found there were things not covered in the policy previously written that we thought were and did cause extra expense. We are very happy with Great Frontiers and I would strongly suggest looking at them rather than this. As they say in the internet driven meme world, "Colorado Insurance Professionals, Ain't nobody got time for that."
    By Casey Colvin, March 28, 2018
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    I have always thought highly of my experiences with Bank of the West. However, today was a different story. Worst customer service. No calls back. I was unable to deposit my husbands check into my account after he signed it over to me. Really?
    By Ashley Wilson, March 27, 2018

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